Project Details

Client: Bachelor project for Hamleys

Date: July 5, 2013

My bachelor project was about Hamleys Toystore, marketing to parents and expanding the brand awareness through storytelling during christmastime. The main purpose of the project was to grow the children's attachment to the Mascots in order to create stronger brand equity, while providing an event strategy that tied together their online and offline brand touchpoints. On the picture you see part of the strategy, a drawing for first of December for the kids to colour in the store, depicting the first part of a 24 part story.
This project was never launched in the store itself. One of the reasons being that it was too ahead of its time, and did not take into account that Hamleys as a franchise needed to be synchronized worldwide. Thus permission would be hard to get from London. It did provide me with a fulltime job for 1 1/2 years doing Marketing for Hamleys, though, so I count it as a part way success.

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