Line Cecilie Barfod

UX Design & Research | Digital Innovation | Service Design

Currenlty looking for a job within the field of design, technology & innovation.

My purpose as a designer is to create innovative solutions which in some way improve peoples lives, while having fun doing it. Through using various design games, good collaboration and a visual approach, the creative design process of solving complex problems can (and should be) fun for all involved.

I believe that the way to create the best solutions, is include the people you design for and relevant stakeholders in the design process, for example through a variation of Design Sprints. The designer also become facilitators, and the users become partly designers themselves.


Age: 28
Address: Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 4151 8218
Status: Available


These are skills that are part of my Designer toolbox and I want to expand further.

Sketching %, 85
Design processes, %, 80
projectleader, %, 50
Facilitation, %, 50
Design Sprint, %, 30
Workshops, %, 80



Student job / Digital Consultant

Next to my studies I have worked part time at Sunrise, going from the generic term “student helper” to being called “digital consultant”.  Sometimes I got the chance to be part of bigger projects, which provided me with valuable experience.


Digital Marketing and graphics Designer

For about 1 1/2 years I was working fulltime with digital marketing for the Hamleys Franchise in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, untill I quit in order to take my Masters.

Digital Innovation

Sketching & Design Process

Concepts & ideas



Master Degree in Digital Design & Communication

IT University of Copenhagen


Internships at Kadaver

Kea - Copenhagen Business Academy


Profession Bachelor in Design & Business

Kea - Copenhagen Business Academy


AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication

New Media Academy


Nørre Gymnasium

International Baccalaureate


I love expanding my creative playground, so if you have any opportunities that gives me a chance to explore the areas I am interested in further, please go ahead and contact me.

Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 4151 8218
(I prefer an email)