Line Cecilie Barfod

Design & Research | Facilitation | Workshops

I am making the world a better place by being at the forefront of innovative technology. I work within a wide range of tasks that involve me in both the analysis and creation of solutions.

My versatile toolbox from design thinking as well as my broad skillset and experience within the design field, makes me a great project and workshop facilitator. This is enhanced by my skills with live sketching that I use in my work as a visual facilitator. Read more on my visual thinking blog here. Read more about my efficient workshop planning tool Workshop canvas.

I am especially interested in innovative opportunities that involve:
the SDG’s, Circular design, machine learning and Internet of things artifacts (especially smart Jewelry).


Age: 30
Address: Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 4151 8218
Job roles: IT Consultant / Facilitator / Project manager / Innovation designer / UX research / Parttime Graphics designer


These are skills that are part of my Designer toolbox and I want to expand further.

Project management

Work with people and projects, to reach a specific goal within a timeframe. I have worked with variations of especially agile processes.

Facilitation & Co-creation Workshops

My specialty is planning structured co-creative workshops that are effective and engaging – I either make the participants create deliverables along the way, or I capture the highlights visually as a graphic facilitator. I want to work more with Design Sprints.

User research

I conduct Interviews, questionnaires, observations and cultural probes. I analyse its results and show it visually in fx. storyboards and infographs.

Visual Design

I have experience with both print and digital design. I focus on communication and designing for a target audience, rather than pure aesthetics. Because of my skills as a visual facilitator, I excel at making complex information simple fx. in power points and infographs.

Design thinking

I use a process called design thinking to solve problems, by going through 5 phases : Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

Illustration and sketching

I visualize and make complex information simple. Timelines, infographs, storyboards and comics. Handdrawn and colourful vector look – I can match your visual identity.

Use them for your next pitch presentation, book covers, meeting notes and more.


2012 – now

Freelance Design Consultant

Since 2012 I have worked intermittently as a freelancer at my own company Sketchdarling/Branddarling. Currently I am available for freelance tasks within technology and design fulltime. From workshop facilitation to graphics design and live visual notetaking (Graphic recording).


Test Consultant

At Netcompany I have grown in my technical abilities while getting hands-on experience with the day to daycreation of complex and agile digital projects.


Digital Consultant

Next to my studies I worked part time at Sunrise. My role was initially graphics design for print and web, and evolved to cover both marketing and digital ad hoc tasks.


Marketing and graphics Designer

I assisted with marketing and graphics design for Hamleys Franchise in Denmark, Sweden and Norway – including the grand opening of several flagship stores.

Digital Innovation

Sketching & Design Process

Concepts & ideas



Master Degree in Digital Design & Communication

IT University of Copenhagen


PBA in Design & Business

Kea - Copenhagen Business Academy


AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication

New Media Academy


Nørre Gymnasium

International Baccalaureate


I love expanding my creative playground, so if you have any opportunities that gives me a chance to explore the areas I am interested in further, please go ahead and contact me.

Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 4151 8218
(I prefer an email)